35 Years - 1981-2016

Originators of:


FDCX4 Double  Density Disk Upgrade

Spool-Z-Q Printer Buffer

Spool-Z-Q Plus Printer Buffer

Printer Speeder Printer Buffer

Spool-Z-Q 100 Internal Printer Buffer

  (For S-100 Bus based computers)

Spool-Z-Q Blue Internal Printer Buffer

  (For PC/XT/AT Bus Computers)



NEW! SA-16-AR Stepped-Attenuator Kit.  Replaces Aetna-Pollak Potentiometers in Acoustic Research Loudspeakers. 

For complete technical details see SA-16-ARAssyMan.pdf and theory.pdf


Available Now.  



JVB Electronics began as a small manufacturer of computer peripherals during the most exciting time for computer enthusiasts.  In 1981 there were a few computer specialty stores but mail-order sales and computer show sales were the way many people purchased computer components.  Computers were new and fun and all different. 

JVB Electronics manufactured several products and ended up concentrating on printer buffers.  We sold buffers under our own brands and manufactured our buffers for others with their brand names on them.  JVB Electronics buffers were available as stand-alone buffers, IBM PC plug-in buffers, and S-100 plug in buffers.  Several innovative features including our Pause-on-FormFeed feature and memory compression techniques (allowing much more buffering per kilobyte) contributed to the success of our buffers.

By the early 1990's it was apparent that Windows was not a passing fancy and the built in print spooling actually worked on most computers.  The age of the printer buffer was over.  JVB Electronics stopped building  printer buffers in 1994.  Even today I suspect there are some (but not very many) folks still using Spool-Z-Q, Spool-Z-Q 100, Printer Speeder, and other buffers we made.

In the present day, JVB Electronics does contract design (hardware and software) and consulting for several industries. 



If you are looking for a company in Texas that makes printed circuit boards that was called 'JVB Electronics, Inc.' you have reached the wrong site.  They apparently didn't know there was already a JVB Electronics when they started but have since changed their name to 'Multilayer Technology'.   They have a website at http://www.multilayer.com/Index.htm  .